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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Modern Mystery School?

The Modern Mystery School is a path of progression created for people to heal and be a part of creating world peace by activating and expanding their into their unique gifts.

You can find out even more by going to

What is a Guide?

A Modern Mystery School guide is here to help 24/7 with your spiritual progression. Spiritual progression includes building and strengthening your relationship with your Higher Self, using the tools and rituals handed down in Empower Thyself and other classes, as well as working on personal healing sessions that help to remove blockages from going forward.

What is Empower Thyself?

Empower Thyself is also known as Know Thyself and is the first initiation on the Path of progression. It taught by a guide who will enable you to fully use the tools and traditions handed down at this which aid in healing, growth, and self mastery. When we know ourselves, we know the world and how to elevate it using our unique gifts.

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