Center for Integrated Light

The Center for Integrated Light provides healing services and meditation classes for continued growth and self-mastery

To empower individuals in their journey of self-discovery, personal mastery, and healing to help fulfill their life purpose

Our Services

Our services include individual healings and group meditation.

Life Activation

$250. This healing activates your spiritual DNA and allows your will to flow clockwise with the will of God and Nature, allowing you to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Cord Cutting & Negative Spell Removal

$90. We form cords with different people and energies that can be draining and hold us back from our purpose. The purpose of a cord cutting is to remove these cords and any outside influence energy that has been bothering you. When combined with another healing session, it is $75.

Full Spirit Activation

$250. Must have a Life Activation prior. This healing anchors the light of the life activation while connecting the supernals with the soul.

Baby Blessing

$2000. Baby blessing is the most powerful healing in our lineage. It is meant for a child coming into the world to be free from negativity clinging to it. This means that whatever may happen to this child in their life, they can experience it and let go and not hold onto any negative thoughts or experiences. What would your life be like if you lived completely in the present? What a gift! This healing requires the consent of parents and legal guardians and must be paid for by the parent or legal guardian.

Chakra Awakening

$75. This healing balances the emotional side of chakras, removing any blockages from the flow of light within the body before it manifests as a physical ailment.

Tree of Life

$100. This healing completes and brings light to our energy system and each sephora unlocks an aspect of the individual’s divinity.

Chakra Awakening & Tree of Life

$150. These two healing can be done together for a fuller energy healing.

Shamanic Aura Clearing

$150. This clearing cleanses blockages in our aura, allowing us to hold more light and can let go of judgments and pollution in our field, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, allowing us to make better decisions.

Spark of Life

$250. This is a remote healing. This healing brings us back to our original state full of health, joy, and calmness.

Life Purpose Reading

$250. The 11 codon reading looks at your contracts with God. Prior Life Activation required.

Soul Retrieval

$300. Soul retrieval is a gentle and powerful Hermetic healing that brings back fragments of the soul that have broken off due to trauma. This healing takes 2 to 3 hours and a prior Life Activation is required. It can be done every 6 months.

Meet Lucy

Lucy MacArthur


Lucy MacArthur is a Third Step Ritual Master and Guide in the lineage of King Salomon. Lucy has been studying with the Mystery School since 2017. She teaches Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel, Sanctuary Meditation, and a variety of other classes at the Modern Mystery School NorCal and at other locations in Fair Oaks and Sacramento area. To get a list of the classes she is teaching this month, reach out and ask to sign up for her monthly newsletter.

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