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Sunrise over Mountains

About Lucy and The Modern Mystery School

There is hope, love and light in this world.

This is something I have always known, but somehow lost as I grew up.

Luckily, I was was recommended to talk to a Modern Mystery School guide and from

then on my life changed.

I decided to receive a Life Activation and from then on began to notice, the people who had caused my stress or annoyance in the past were no longer doing so. I slowly noticed, that they hadn't so much changed, but my feelings and reactions had.

I received a Full Spirit Activation and then attended Empower Thyself. This class and initiation changed my life again. I was finally able to connect with my higher self. I began to come to stillness and practice rituals that made me feel energized, protected, and more fully in my heart. I began to notice that with each class and tool I was handed down- the more I became the person I had always wanted to become.

The shifts that I experienced, I thought were beyond hope and I knew that this was something I wanted to dedicate my life to. It has given me joy, excitement, and a deep sense of peace as well a wonderful community of people who are committed to living their life to the fullest and ready to cultivate their unique gifts.

We all have unique gifts, and the more we can grow and nurture them the world will be brighter!

I am ready to serve you!

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Modern Mystery School Advanced Training

Since 2018

Life Activation Practitioner and Healers 1 Graduate

Since 2019

Full Spirit Activation Praticoner and Healers 2 Graduate

I have been Life Activating people since 2018, which is the first healing we recommend receiving on the Modern Mystery School path. I also began leading Max Mediation Systems TM that was created my the founder of the Modern Mystery School.

Since 2019 I have been preforming Full Spirit Activations which are the Part 2 of Life Activations as well as a host of healing included but not limited to Soul Retrieval, Chakra Awakening, Shamanic Aura Clearing and many more.

Since 2021

A Modern Mystery School Guide

Being a Guide is the highest service. A guide teaches Empower Thyself Class and Initiation which is the first Step on the Path of Knowing yourself. Guides are in service 24/7 helping those their have initiated on their path of spiritual progression as well as anchoring the light in their respective communities.

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